Order Of Letter

Tom Atkinson COMANY Inc.
14 Edith Street,
Hackney West, 80456

April 22, 2001

Better Widget Makers, Inc.

5555 Widget Avenue

Silver City, CO 80456

Attention: Sales Department

I’d like to order the Widgets listed in the table below. The reference numbers are from

your 2003 catalogue. Please include a new catalogue with my order.

Quantity Ref.# Description Price Total
200 AB045 Tiny Blue Widget $2.38 $476.00
50 XT111 Deluxe Yellow Widget $4.56 $228.00
50 NT066 Super Deluxe Red Widget $6.15 $307.50
Total $1.011.50

I would like this order to ship COD complete. If you cannot ship the complete order

within 10 days, please notify me immediately. I can be reached at (303) 954-0202 #35.

Thank you,

James Carter, Jr.

General Manager

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